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Tahbilk Coueslant Chardonnay Pinot Noir

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From that icon of Aussie wine, Tahbilk, comes this value crisp, dry bubbly that would be great with canapes at your next birthday party. Smells of strawberries, peaches, crushed Digestive biscuits and lemons decorate the nose, whilst the palate is light, zippy and scrunchy, with a fine bubble, a creamy mouthfeel, and a refreshing finish. At 11.5% alcohol, you can have another cheeky half glass!

Winemaker's Notes

Whom, may you ask is, or rather was, Francois Coueslant and why have we christened this sparkling wine with his name?

Francois Coueslant was winemaker and manager at Tahbilk from 1877 to 1886, described in the 'Australasian' at the time as “a practical vigneron from France, but a gentleman of progressive ideas, ever ready to adopt new and improved methods of working.’

It was his adoption of ‘progressive’ ideas that led to what has been described as Tahbilk’s early “Golden Age”.

He is credited with adding ‘Chateau’ to Tahbilk – a moniker that held until the year 2000, was responsible for the construction of our iconic Tower and led the fight against the vine louse phylloxera when it appeared on the Estate in 1870 - accountable at the time for decimating, amongst others, the vineyards of France and colonial Victoria.

It seemed entirely appropriate then that we recognise what has been an enduring influence at Tahbilk with his naming of this premium sparkling release.

Offering a diverse array of subtle peach, melon, red berry and savoury notes; wrapped in a cloak of crisp minerality and yeasty/biscuity characters from its secondary fermentation, we trust, and believe, that Francois would approve!

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