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Tamar Ridge Research Series 61-1 Chardonnay

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Research Series - sounds exotic doesn't it? Conjures up images of boffins wearing lab coats tinkering with bunsen burners.

In reality, this Tasmanian Chardonnay is simply the result of Dr Andrew Pirie and Dr Richard Smart's quest to make even better Tassie wines, produced at a custom built $1.8 million micro-winery dedicated to ultra-small, ultra-high quality batches of wine.

Only ever sold at the cellar door, this very rare Tamar Ridge Chardonnay comes from a single clone on a single block in the White Hills vineyard, the wine barrel fermented wine and made into a full flavoured, seriously clever style.

A deliciously complex, ultra-rare Tamar Valley Chardonnay, made by some of the smartest wine minds in the nation.

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