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Tinpot Hut Sauvignon Blanc

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Tinpot Hut Sauvignon Blanc

Expert Reviews

WINESTATE (2012 Vintage) says
Winestate Special Edition 2012
WINESTATE (2011 Vintage) says
A well-made wine smelling of cut grass, gooseberries and snow peas, and a simple range of varietal flavours with delicate floral notes.
WINESTATE Volume 34 - Special Edition 2011
Nick Stock (2011 Vintage) says
This has bright and attractive passionfruit, gooseberry and fragrant sweet floral aromas in spades - good concentration here, and a touch of greenish herbs. The palate's chirpy and has gently fleshy presence, holding crisp melon and lime-juice flavours on point.
The Good Wine Guide 2012
WINESTATE (2010 Vintage) says
Fleshy, with good body, fresh, ripe, citrus and tropical fruit flavours, slight herbal notes and a rounded texture.
WINESTATE Volume 34 (2011) 2011
Nick Stock (2010 Vintage) says
A step up in concentration and poise here. This sits above the pack, with its riper gooseberry and tropical fruits, peach and mango, some nectarine and a crisp swathe of crunchy acid throughout.
The Good Wine Guide 2011
Nick Stock (2008 Vintage) says
With a heady mix of pungent tropical fruits and brazen grassy aromas, this is right in the Marlborough savvy zone. The palate has shape and balance, dropping plenty of tropical fruit along the way with a thread of herbal complexity. Nicely weighted and cleanly finished with crisp, crunchy acidity.
The Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide 2010 2009

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