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Wills Domain Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

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Wills Domain Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Expert Reviews

Ray Jordan (2009 Vintage) says
Highly scented aromas of cedar, blackcurrant and light black olive with a leafy tobacco overlay. The weave of oak, tannin and fruit into the palate is seamless and smooth, but the power and intensity of the remains evident. N elegant expression of cabernet that delivers with a sense of refinement.
WA Wine Guide 2013 2012
Ray Jordan (2008 Vintage) says
Wonderful cabernet. Probably the best yet from Wills Domain. Cracking vintage, mind you but it's been well put together in this beauty. Has a classic leafy tobacco-like character on the nose with minerally red fruits. The angular tannins are fully ripe and lean and cut through the dense fruit. The oak is substantial and well weighted. Excellent wine.
The West Australian Wine Guide 2012

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