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Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Shiraz Merlot Cabernet

Cracka Rating

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We won't lie to you. This is not a profound wine. It is not earth shatteringly good. It will not cellar for 15 years. It will not remove wrinkles, mow your lawns, make you eggs in the morning or tuck you in at night. It will do none of these things. What this wine will do though is taste good. It's a simple - joyously simple actually - bright and juicy light red, with lots of fruit flavours, that tastes much much better than the price would suggest.

Winemaker's Notes

Appearance: Bright red with ruby hues.

Nose: A fruit-driven style with lifted aromas of blackcurrants, plums, gentle spices and hints of vanilla.

Palate: A medium bodied, juicy palate with lashings of dark red berries and plums and a lingering, soft tannin finish.

Food: Great with Chinese five spice pork with Asian greens or a Turkish lamb pizza.

Cellaring: Best enjoyed while young and fresh.

Alcohol: 13.5%

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Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Shiraz Merlot Cabernet

Expert Reviews

Peter Forrestal (2007 Vintage) says
A pleasant light- to medium-bodied red that shows ripe, sweet fruit, is smooth and juicy with some grip to finish.
Quaff 2009 2008
Peter Forrestal (2004 Vintage) says
I'm not a great fan of blends of shiraz plus merlot plus cabernet. It seems a marriage of convenience rather than a more natural blend - cabernet and merlot are originally Bordeaux varieties and shiraz came to us from the Rhone Valley. I have seen examples of the blend that don't work and these confirm my natural prejudice: they may well have been wines that have been thrown together because that was what was left over. But it works here. This is a terrific quaffer with an intriguing nose: swirl it around in your glass, plonk your nose in its aromas and ponder, perhaps even contemplate. Fascinating. Not all quaffing wines have such an interesting bouquet. It's vibrant and lively with ripe, juicy dark berry and black plum flavours and a hint of smokiness and some stalky characters. As well as all this, it's smooth and easy drinking. All this for less than $10.
Quaff 2007 2006
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2002 Vintage) says
A surprise packet at the price, this multi-regional red is vibrant, bright and supple with juicy red berry flavours and a pleasing approachable finish. Nice balance between the fruit and the subtle oak.
Quaff 2005 2004
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (1998 Vintage) says
Another good Eaglehawk red from Chief Winemaker John Glaetzer and the Mildara Blass team. This shows powerful oak on the nose and palate but has the depth, richness and concentration of fruit to balance that. In the mid-palate it is soft and round and full-flavoured.
Quaff 2001 2000

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