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      Found 2 Mataro Wine for sale.

      2013 Massena Mataro

      2013 Massena Mataro

      The Mataro is usually used as a blending component in Massena’s Moonlight Run blend with Grenache and Shiraz, however, in some years vintage conditions have decimated our Grenache crops. Fortunately, our Mataro vineyard manages to provide exceptio...

      Cracka rating0
      Region: Barossa Valley
      2013 A. Retief The Alias Mataro

      2013 A. Retief The Alias Mataro

      He's a smart winemaker is Alex Retief, epitomising the sort of switched on 'let's think outside the square' style winemaking that so many clever young Australian producers are currently adopting. Fitting that Alex went for a variety that is entire...

      Cracka rating90